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Note: (Some key attributes to take into consideration when doing your survey)

1. Who will be the recipients of the survey? 
Identify which stage of your candidate experience framework you are interested in targeting feedback from.
2. What would be the right amount of questions? 
Initiate a sample test to verify what amount of questions lead towards higher response rates.
3. When should you send the survey? 
2-3 days is a good timeline after the candidate has gone through the stage(s) of your evaluation target.
4. Why are you gathering the survey information? 
To present data to business leaders and propose an increase in budget to invest in resolving issues that is costing your company money. Also, to better your employer brand ratings to increase the probability of having a higher quality candidate pipeline.
5. How will candidate receive the survey? 
Google Forms and Survey Monkey are great tools to utilize for sending the surveys to candidates.